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All data produced and/or provided (printed material) to you the Buyer(s) herein was gathered from sources both professional and non and are deemed to be reliable. MAXXUS International Real Estate Group Inc. “the brokerage” makes NO representation as to its accuracy and will not be responsible for any discrepancies.

Prospective buyers are advised on the following:

Notwithstanding any other representations; the Buyer(s) are satisfied with the size of the condo-townhome-house-lot(s) and or acreages as viewed on the date and time recorded. The Buyer(s) understands and agree that the measurements, room sizes; **square footages; **lot sizes** lot dimensions and current property taxes and any engagement of utilities and services of such a property as advertised on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service Data Sheet) are approximate and have not been verified as is the age of any buildings. If deemed “important” to the Buyer(s), the Buyer(s) are strongly advised to make enquires, investigations and verify all information provided to them and to make all the necessary enquires of the property (suite and building) (house and property) (Land and/or lots and/or acreages) they propose to purchase. Additional information can be requested and may be available from the Seller(s).

Furthermore, confirmation of all information provided by the Buyer’s Brokerage and/or Seller’s Brokerage can be confirmed from the Strata Corporation and/or their Strata Property Agent, Strata Council Members, local municipalities and/or cities and/or districts, including the provincial and federal governments and their related agencies and any other independent third parties and other agencies, including the LTO (Land Title Office) and/or any other sources available. All additional documents and any professional services required and used by the Buyer(s) will be at the Buyer’s expense. The Buyer(s) are urged to carefully read all the strata rules and/or restrictions, strata bylaws, strata minutes and AGM-SGM notices and any miscellaneous property documents provided to them and if required to seek out and engage professional advisors such as financial, tax, GST advisors and licensed lawyers of their choice to be satisfied of all the relevant information provided.

**All representations regarding square footage or other area dimensions are estimations only and square footage/area dimensions may be estimated according to a variety of methods. If the square footage/area dimensions are a material factor in any purchase, the prospective buyer is advised to engage professional services to complete an independent square footage, lot size confirmation calculation.

Renderings of properties contained herein may not actually depict the improvement as actually constructed. All prices set forth are subject to change and are in CDN dollars, unless otherwise stated in other currencies. E. O. E.